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Metrology &

Dedicated metrology services using the latest OGP equipment are available, in a temperature and relative humidity controlled environment ensuring highly precise repeatability and accurate results. Our contract metrology services are available for non manufactured products as well. Using the latest Minitab analysis software we are able to provide statistical reports, gauge R&R studies and a full range of metrology services.
We have the capabilities to assemble multiple parts into one unit, including individually heat sealed products to high speed automated assembly lines.

  • 1 Tactile and non-tactile metrology or full visual and touch CMM metrology capability;
  • 2 3D scanning;
  • 3 Hand – semi automated and fully automated assembly/testing;
  • 4 Annealing;
  • 5 Inserting tri-sets and heat staking;
  • 6 Ultrasonic welding and testing.

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