Plastic LED optics manufacturer in the UK. LED illumination - Polymermedics

Plastic LED optics manufacturer in the UK. LED illumination

Polymermedics is capable of producing precise, compact and energy efficient plastic LED optics.

We manufacture custom primary optical systems of LEDs, with integrated lenses and required beam angles, as well as secondary optical systems in the form of lenses, reflectors and diffusers, that enhance beam and colour uniformity of the light.

Plastic LED lighting optics can be produced for any imaginable lighting applications, in an abundance of complex shapes and colours.

We provide a full production cycle, starting with optical engineering services from our Germany-based sister company, and ending with automated packaging of manufactured batches. You can learn more about the polymer optics we produce here , and you can check all our services here.

Advantages of polymer LED illumination

  • 1 Low-cost production. Plastic LED optics will noticeably lower your costs;
  • 2 Design freedom. Nearly every design can be achieved, and we can assist in making it happen;
  • 3 Manufacturing precision. Achievable accuracy is in the submicron area; Disposable production. High volume production available without any quality loss;
  • 4 Extremely long service life. Five times longer than traditional lighting.
  • 5 Low weight. Plastic optics is much lighter than glass, which also contributes to their break resistance.


  • 1 Through-beam sensors;
  • 2 Retro-reflective sensors;
  • 3 Diffuse reflection sensors.

To learn more about our polymer optics capabilities please click here , and if you would like to check all our services, please click here .

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