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Micro-optics. Micro-lenses manufacturer in the UK

At Polymermedics we are capable of manufacturing a variety of micro-optic products. For example, it could be spherical and aspherical micro-lenses with a specified array configuration, diffractive or refractive micro-optics and micro-mirrors.

We will support you at each stage of your project: from the initial design and development of your micro-optics, with our sister-company located in Germany, to automated manufacturing in Britain. We can also help you with optimizing your micro-optics to meet the required size and weight.

Our expertise in medical moulding is your guarantee that the micro-optics product we deliver, will adhere to the highest quality standards and be produced in a clean environment.

We can manufacture micro-lenses with a weight of less than 0.1g per part with a diameter less than 3mm and cover the wavelength range from UV to mid-IR. The smaller a micro-lens gets, the greater the precision required to make it, and we can provide that, through our automated manufacturing process. Other micro-optics products can be produced with a diameter less than 2mm.

Micro-lenses and micro-optics, in general, have a wide area of application. For example, micro-optics can be produced for medical and telecommunication industries, camera and laser systems, security applications and many more. We can tailor a product to your specific field of application and needs.


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