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Optical sensors

Plastic optical components for optical sensors in the UK

  • 1We provide far-ranging services, starting with design and tooling for custom optics for optical sensors, in our Germany based facility, and ending with manufacturing and automated packaging here in the UK.
  • 2We operate under the highest medical quality standards, that reliably allows us to achieve a robust process and clean conditions for manufacturing.
  • 3Polymedics can manufacture optical components for optical sensors for a multiplicity of applications: from proximity sensors for the automotive industry, and camera sensors for the mobile industry, to industrial machine sensors for the clothing industry.

Polymermedics is capable of producing plastic optical components for optical sensors

The main types of optical sensors for which we can produce optics are:

  • 1 Through-beam sensors;
  • 2 Retro-reflective sensors;
  • 3 Diffuse reflection sensors.

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Examples of optical components for optical sensors

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