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Polymer optics manufacturer in the uk

At Polymermedics we provide bespoke solutions for top-notch polymer optics of any shape and size.


  • 1Medical quality standards. Our background, with 40 years of experience in medical moulding, allowed us to build a clean and robust production in accordance with the highest quality standards. This allows us to guarantee that all processes will be as steady as clockwork and your polymer optics won’t be contaminated with any dust or debris.
  • 2All around service provider. Starting with optical design and engineering services, that our Germany-based part of the team will provide, and ending with automated packaging of the manufactured optical components – you will have access to a full production cycle of polymer optics under one roof.
  • 3Variety of capabilities. We produce both thick-walled plastic optics, as well as precise micro-optics that weigh less than 1 gram and has a 2 micron surface.
  • 4Exceptional competence. We can manage projects of any complexity since we are constantly investing in R&D. For example, among the latest projects our group of companies have undertaken, are holographic microstructures, and a lotus-shaped lens with a hydrophobic surface.
  • 5Custom optics solutions. We work with custom designed injection moulded polymer optics of complex forms and geometries, producing spherical, aspherical, freeform, and prism polymer optics, diffractive and fresnel lenses, toroid, cylindrical, parabolic surfaces and many more.

Polymermedics is a unique combination of 40 years experience in medical injection moulding and expertise in high-precision polymer optics


We produce polymer optics for a variety of industries and applications

  • Medical industry: Lenses for operation theatre lighting, optical components for chirurgical instruments (e.g. endoscopes), optical components for diagnostics and analytics;
  • Automotive industry: Headlamps / primary optics, heads-up displays / combined modules for access systems, interior monitoring, reflectors, specialised vehicle lamps, precision optics for sensor systems, lidar systems;
  • Consumer electronics: Micro-optics for camera systems, imaging optics for projectors or heads-up displays, complete assemblies of lens barrels;
  • General lighting: Collimators respective to TIR-lenses for LED lighting systems, fibre optic light guides for ambient lighting, lens arrays for street lighting, roof prisms for light guiding, lenses for linear LED systems and many more.



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